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SWEA Boston’s scholarships are handed out every year to female students from New England universities for studies or special projects in Sweden. All of this is possible due to the large fundraiser, Swedish Yuletide, which is being held in December every year in the South End. In 2018, the scholarship was at a high sum of $10,500.

This year, we were triply blessed with three very talented recipients of the SWEA Boston Scholarship, which means that SWEA’s message to spread knowledge about Sweden and Swedish culture can be carried by three highly motivated women.

Tara Strelevitz is attending Colby College in Maine, pursuing a degree in Sociology and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. She will be attending the DIS Stockholm semester program (Danish Institute for Study Abroad, which also offers studies in Stockholm since 2016), where she will be comparing structures of gender, sexuality and inequality in different countries on the federal and cultural level.
She is interested in Sweden, because she completed a project where she compared the welfare systems of Sweden and the USA and their effect on social class. She is looking forward to learning more about how the egalitarian Swedish model affects the concepts of gender and sexuality. Tara is an excellent student, a recipient of the prestigious QuestBridge scholarship and has also held research positions in the Department of Sociology. She is hoping to continue singing in Sweden as part of a choir.

Sasa Jovanovic is attending Bowdoin College in Maine and grew up in Weymouth, MA. She is an economics and Government double major and is interested in exposing herself to the interdisciplinary inquiry into the relationship between Swedish culture and economics at the Stockholm School of Economics, as well as what other countries can learn from Sweden. Sasa is bicultural in that her family hails from Serbia originally, and she is interested in comparing Swedish and Serbian approaches to civil
rights and social democracy. In addition to being an excellent student and a teaching assistant at Bowdoin, she is also a dedicated tennis player.
Sasa is looking forward to exploring more cultural differences in Sweden during her semester in Sweden at the Swedish Program at SSE.

Tyra Green is from Brooklyn, NY, and is an Education major at Brown University. She has very clear vision of what she wants to do at SSE in Stockholm: she is interested in comparative education studies and the differences between the Swedish and US systems, as well as the impact that immigrants and refugees have had on Swedish schools. She has also secured an internship at Norra Real Gymnasium in Stockholm where she will assist a classroom teacher in English instruction. Tyrah is planning to stay in Sweden for a whole academic year to explore the relationship between social context and discipline at the classroom level, and she is passionate about education, planning to become a classroom teacher herself as well, having gained experience already as a camp counselor, advisor, tutor and facilitator in various educational settings. She may also try her hand at cheerleading while in Sweden, as one of Brown’s previous SSE students did.

We are so pleased that SWEA Boston can support these outstanding women in their academic pursuits
in Sweden.


Tidigare års stipendievinnare

2017Elizabeth Doe StoneUniversity of VirginiaAnders Zorn/John Sargent Singer dialogue

Year Name University in USA Field of studies in Sweden
1988 Vicky Leung Harvard University Language Studies
1989 Sarah Patrick Northeastern Univ Biomedical Engineering
1990 Laura Nelson Harvard University Goverment Policy
1991 Meg Sibley Smith College Music
1992 Beth Stevens Northeastern Univ Medicine
1993 Allen LeVines Berklee College,Music Music
1994 Hayley Goodson Brown University Swedish Program
1995 Maria Ivanova Mt. Holyoke College Environmental Studies
1996 Isabel Gill Harvard University Swedish Literature
1997 Jessica Meir Brown University Swedish Program
1998 Miwa Kozuki Mt. Holyoke College Ethnic Studies/Immigration
1999 Lisa Gambone Brown University Swedish Program
2000 Elizabeth Chiappa Harvard University Swedish Culture and Society
2000 Anna Testa Smith College Sociology
2001 Kate Gubata Brown University Swedish Program
2002 Katie Heikkinen Harvard University Public Health Policy
2003 Lilly Husbands Brown University Women’s Studies and Film
2003 Elizabeth Peterson Brown University International Studies
2004 Marienne Murch Harvard University Swedish Program
2005 Angela Sherwin Brown University Swedish Program
2006 Caitlin Flanagan Brown University Nursing
2007 Michelle Prairie Univ. of Connecticut Poli Sci & Economics
2007 Christa Bosch Raoul Wallenberg Inst Human Rights Law
2008 Anna Maria Martignetti Lunds Universitet Int’l Human Rights Law
2009 Amy Hernandez Colby College Swedish Program
2010 Sarah Garlington Boston University Doctoral Program in Social Politics
2010 Hanna Freedman Tufts University Swedish Program
2010 Ellen Wright U. Mass. in Amherst International Summer Program
2011 Sabrina Harris Boston University Master’s Comparative Education
2011 Ruairi Dewey-Smith Brandeis University Swedish Program
2012 Lydia Ievens Eric Sahlström Institute Studying the nyckelharpa
2012 Gretchen Gerlach Brown University Swedish Program
2012 Anneliese Lilienthal Karolinska Institute Master Program in Global Health
2013 Emma Chow Bowdoin College Swedish Program
2013 Anna Reed Brown University Swedish Program
2013 Hilary Pech UMASS Amherst Uppsala Universitet
2014 Sydney Smoot Northeastern University Swedish Program
2014 Naomi Mastico UMASS Amherst Uppsala Universitet
2015 Emma Gronbeck UMASS Amherst Uppsala Universitet
2015 Lainie Rowland Brown University Swedish Program
2015 Emy Takinami University of Vermont Swedish Program
2016 Mikaela Karlsson Brown University Uppsala Universitet
2016 Kaitlin Hollinger U Mass Amherst Uppsala Universitet
2016 Anna-Linnea Towle University of Vermont Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan
2016 Maria Hanson Williams College Swedish Program
2017 Daven McQueen Brown University Handelshögskolan i Stockholm
2017 Marina Stam Bowdoin College Handelshögskolan i Stockholm
2017 Sarah Wiggins Tufts University Handelshögskolan i Stockholm
2017 Colette Heefner Suffolk University Lund University
2018 Tara Strelevitz Colby College Danish Institute for Study Abroad
2018 Tyrah Green Brown University Handelshögskolan i Stockholm
2018 Sasa Jovanovic Bowdoin College Handelshögskolan i Stockholm