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SWEA Boston Webinar – Withstanding economic turbulence

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Datum: 2020-05-26

Withstanding Economic Turbulence:
An Introduction to financial independence

Tisdag den 26 maj kl. 18 välkomnas du till ytterligare ett webinar-samarbete mellan SWEA Boston och SACC New England. Det blir ett mycket intressant webinar med inriktning på privatekonomi och vägen till att bli ekonomiskt oberoende.

Webinariet kommer att vara på engelska och eftersom det är ett samarbete med SACC-NE så är det öppet för alla som är intresserade. Nedanför kan ni läsa mer detaljer om eventet och om allt på engelska.

Det är viktigt att du anmäler dig på förhand. Innan webinariet får du en Zoom-länk emailad till dig.
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In partnership with the World Financial Group team and in collaboration with SWEA Boston and SACC-NE, Professor Kenneth Der will provide a webinar series on financial planning and how to become financially independent. Please join us for the first webinar the series: ”Withstanding Economic Turbulence – An introduction to financial independence”, on May 26th at 6:00 PM. This first webinar will provide a general introduction to how to achieve passive income, and in subsequent webinars, we will dive deeper into specific topics with an immigrant perspective.

We will email the details with a Zoom-link prior to the event to everyone who has registered.
About the Webinar Series
Safe to say, our society has been facing its biggest challenge so far. A global pandemic that has put millions of lives at stake and forcing us to face potentially one of the biggest economic downfalls in history. What this crisis has unveiled to us is how vulnerable our health and economy are to any external threats. Particularly in the U.S., where a lack of universal health care, sufficient government-sponsored pensions and other social welfares, one must take control over their destiny. Having only one source of income is no longer a sustainable solution to meet our financial needs in this day and age, let alone while facing a devastating pandemic. How does one prepare and protect against volatility and uncertainties while still providing for one’s family? What are the paths to creating passive income? These are some of the topics we will be exploring in this upcoming seminar series.


Professor Kenneth Der CPS, CFP, RICP earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Tufts University and later received his MBA at UC Berkeley. Additionally, he also earned his Master in Tax at Bentley University and Master of Finance at Institute of Business and Finance. Through his work and charities, Professor Der has become a well-recognized member of his community for his contribution to providing pro bono tax and accounting services as well as financial planning. He also teaches regularly at Babson college and local community colleges. In addition, his firm has helped countless individuals and business owners with their taxes, planning and budgeting, including acquisitions and divestitures and succession planning. In addition to the upcoming seminars, Profession Der is also offering free complimentary private consultation.