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swea-symbol-vardeord-ENGSWEA is a GLOBAL NETWORK with 6,000 Swedish speaking women in more than 70 chapters in over 30 countries.

SWEA is the largest organization outside Sweden promoting Swedish language, culture and tradition.

SWEA grants around $250,000 a year in donations and scholarships.

SWEA is a non-profit organization that provides a strong personal network as well as valuable support to Swedish industry abroad.

SWEA is represented in numerous locations throughout the world and serves an important role in the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs emergency plan.

SWEA was founded in Los Angeles 1979 by Agneta Nilsson.

SWEA Boston

SWEA Boston was founded in 1985 and has since then worked with the overall vision of spreading the Swedish culture and the Swedish language outside of Sweden.

We accomplish this by amongst other things donate to Swedish organisations and groups around New England. We also award scholarships to American women who wish to study or do a project in Sweden. The reason we are able to do this is because of our biggest event throughout the year, our Christmas fair Swedish Yuletide. This is the biggest Scandinavian fundraiser event in New England that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Beside the Christmas fair we also fill our year with events, both traditional Swedish and simpler gatherings. The more traditional events include amongst other our ski race Vasaloppet in February, Shrimp fest in March, Crayfish party in September and Pea soup and Punsch in October/November. Other programs we do are dinners at restaurants, professional events, visits to local museums, dinner night, movie night and so much more. All is available for our members. Read more about our events for members under Program.

Another membership perk is the possibility to join our Interest groups. We have a Breakfast club, a Book club, a Visiting group, the SWEA Choir and also different meeting groups for SWEA who live about further from Boston. You can read all about them under Intressegrupper.

SWEA Boston is a part of the region OAME, East America. We belong to the same region as the SWEA groups in Atlanta, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach and Washington DC.