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Answers to the quiz about Sweden

Here are the answers for the quiz. The right one is in bold.


    1. What is Sweden officially called?
      a) Is that a trick question? Sweden, of course!
      b) Kingdom of Sweden
      c) Not Switzerland!?
    1. Sweden was the first country in the world to ban the smacking of children. Which year was that?
      a) 1895
      b) 1954
      c) 1979
    1. Sweden was the first country in Europe to establish national parks. Which year was that?
      a) 1925
      b) 1880
      c) 1909
    1. Is moose Sweden’s most famous animal? Probably. How many moose are there in Sweden?
      a) 1 – 1,5 million
      b) 50,000 – 70,000
      c) 300,000 – 400,000
    1. Astrid Lindgren is the world’s 18th most translated author. Her books have been translated into…
      a) 50 languages
      b) 107 languages
      c) 87 languages
    1. We all know that there are things that go with anything, foodwise 🙂
       In Sweden, it’s…
      a) Ketchup
      b) Chili sauce
      c) Lingonberry jam
    1. What is “Fika”?
      a) One of the most popular girl’s names in Sweden
      b) It’s a Swedish dessert
      c) Swedish coffee break
    1. As a step towards a more gender-equal society, Sweden gave fathers the right to take parental leave. Which year was that?
      a) 1974
      b) 1950
      c) 1983
    1. In Sweden you are entitled to 480 days of parental leave. How much parental leave do Swedish dads take?
      a) 50%
      b) 10%
      c) 29%
    1. Sweden introduced the world’s first Freedom of the Press Act in…
      a) 1843
      b) 1766
      c) 1661
    1. What is “Riksgränsen”?
      a) The border between Sweden and Norway
      b) One of Sweden’s ski resorts – and also the world’s northernmost one
      c) It’s a Swedish clothing brand
    1. Minecraft is an incredibly popular game, developed by a Swede, Markus Persson. As of May 2020, it was played by…
      a) 126 million people
      b) 50 million people
      c) 300 million people
    1. Which one of these great metal bands is NOT Swedish?
      a) Meshuggah
      b) Arch Enemy
      c) Nightwish
    1. Of these three inventions, which one is NOT Swedish?
      a) Pacemaker
      b) Tetra Pak
      c) Thermometer
    1. When did Swedish women gain the right to vote?
      a) 1901
      b) 1893
      c) 1919
    1. What is “Kanelbullens dag”?
      a) The day to celebrate (and eat) Swedish cinnamon buns
      b) Sweden’s National Day
      c) There is no such thing
    1. Let’s talk stereotypes. How do you shock a Swede?
      a) You can’t. Swedes are always cool
      b) “Hi, I just happened to pass by your place. Can I come in? Let’s have some coffee!”
      c) You tell him/her that you hate surströmming
    1. This famous Swedish author was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. And her name was…?
      a) Selma Lagerlöf
      b) Karin Boye
      c) Astrid Lindgren
    1. Sweden is a very long country :-). So, from north to south Sweden is…
      a) 1,572 kilometers long
      b) 5,678 kilometers long
      c) 2,000 kilometers long
    1. When did women gain the right to study at Swedish universities?
      a) 1873
      b) 1919
      c) 1900
    1. Which one of these cool football/soccer players is Swedish?
      a) Nilla Fischer
      b) Miroslav Klose
      c) John Arne Riise
    1. Sweden has lots of lakes. How many?
      a) 50,500
      b) 95,700
      c) 100,000
    2. Which one of these wonderful actors is NOT Swedish?
      a) Alicia Vikander
      b) Kristofer Hivju
      c) Malin Åkerman
    1. The present King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf, is also Sweden’s longest-reigning monarch. So, for how many years has Carl XVI Gustaf been king?
      a) 44
      b) 47
      c) 30


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