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Swedish Yuletide

Since 1986, SWEA Boston has hosted Swedish Yuletide to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season.
This annual fund raiser attracts thousands of visitors every year and is the largest Scandinavian event in New England.

This event enables SWEA Boston to provide yearly donations to Swedish and Scandinavian organizations and events as well as an annual scholarship for American women who wishes to study in Sweden. For more information about the scholarship, click here.
Swedish Yuletide offers a smorgasbord of both traditional and contemporary Sweden.

Visitors can enjoy Nordic style sandwiches, Swedish meatballs and waffles in the many cafés and glögg, the hot spicy beverage of the season

Unique gifts and designs are available to view or purchase through SWEA and the many vendors.
There will be goods like home accessories, clothing, jewelry, Sami crafts, books and so much more.
Food and baked goods are also available to bring home.

There is also the very popular raffle with a range of prizes and a lottery with amazing prizes.


Music and entertainment

All day there will be entertainment on stage.Holiday and contemporary Swedish tunes will be performed by various artists and, of course, our amazing Lucia pageant kids who performs classic Swedish Christmas songs.


Kaffestugan – The Swedish Café

Swedish Yuletide also offers visitors food and pastries.
In four cafés there are everything from Swedish meatballs, shrimp and salmon sandwiches, Swedish waffles with whipped cream and jam and a selection of pastries and baked goods. There is also drinks like water, coffee, juices, Swedish Christmas soda and the warm and spicy beverage glögg.

Barnhörnan – The Kid’s Corner

The youngest visitors are welcome to our Kid’s Corner located behind the stage. Here they can make Christmas ornaments and fish for small gifts from our ”fishpond”. The Kid’s Corner is a popular part of the fair for the youngest and can be busy at times.


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